A historian and professor who owns a Bed & Breakfast by the sea, Emma Lapsansky-Werner brings the scholarly graces and healing arts of the goddess Minerva to mind. Minerva’s by the Sea, named for Emma’s mother and the myth, isn’t your average Bed & Breakfast. Find out more about the woman behind the quest to change her corner of the world–one breakfast at a time.

“It is important to me to help all kinds of people meet and be heard since it is often the case that we only meet with people who look like ourselves… I’m committed to a dream of creating at Minerva’s an environment—if only for a few people, for a few moments–where “community” crosses boundaries of class and race, age, region, able-bodiedness, sexual orientation, religion—and any other “ism” that we think separates us.” -Emma Lapsansky-Werner

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