You’ll notice that some muses make multiple appearances on Monday Morning Muse. Isn’t that the way with some people in our life who are deep sources of continual inspiration? In ever-changing ways? Such is the case with Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills, two writers I have been working very closely with for the last three years. Last Wednesday, they officially became authors and their debut is impressive!

They are not only authors who are willing to dive deeply in their work. They are true advocates for others. They are change-makers who continually take a stand and make an impact. Their impact was clearly evident at their launch at the Grounds for Sculpture last Wednesday night.

Last week was a big one for all of us. After three years of hard work, we officially brought Elaine and Bev’s baby If These Stones Could Talk into the public eye. The reviews thus far have elicited yelps of delight from us but it’s always an incredibly emotional event to bring a book that you are working on around the clock in cloistered hard-working sessions to full life and light.

November 7th marked the date that If These Stones Could Talk was finally made available to the public and I am inspired by the orders pouring in with personal notes of encouragement and love. Yet again, I felt so honored and proud to have worked with Elaine and Bev.

So, this week I wanted to devote this space to two women who are finishing strong on an enormous project that they saw all the way through. Now, they are just beginning a new journey as authors who are making a difference.

Here’s what I said in my speech last week about them last Wednesday night.

“Our work together on the book we are here to celebrate tonight has changed my world and I am so incredibly proud of the impact two women with deep vision, unshakable insight and gigantic hearts– are making and I have no doubt they will continue to lead vitally important change.”

Kimberly Nagy speaking at book launch. Photo by Hope Tillman

Here’s to the next phase of their journey. A humble Monday Morning Muse bow of congratulations to Elaine and Bev this week. If you are interested in learning more about their new publication If These Stones Could Talk (November, Wild River Books), they will be appearing next week on Saturday, November 17th at the Hopewell Bistro at 1pm for another round of celebration for If These Stones Could Talk. There will be a special menu available!

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Book launch of If These Stones Could Talk at Grounds for Sculpture

Book Launch at Grounds for Sculpture. Photo by Heidi Willenus