Monday Morning Muse is a blog devoted to recognizing the breath-rush and electricity we feel when something or someone moves us.   That includes the line of a song or beat that gets us dancing through an excel spreadsheet or the book we fall asleep reading and wake up craving.  But in my experience the muse often, wonderfully and unforgettably, comes in the form of a person. 

On that note, this week I’m handing the muse reins over to writer Kathryn Rosko, who recognized a kindred spirit–and muse- in her grandmother.

“The name on my grandmother’s birth certificate was Jane Anne, but when she was undergoing some serious personal transformations in the 1970s, she decided that her name had too many ‘e’s so she changed it, legally, to Janann.”

Meet Kathryn’s grandmother (wait, scratch that!): Meet Pogie.