List of Services

Ilona Kimberly Nagy
LinkedIn: Ilona Kimberly Nagy
Facebook: Ilona Kimberly Nagy – iknagy
Twitter: @kimnagy


Do you want to write and publish? I can help you with:
Developing your idea into a finished article or book
Breaking through creative walls in your work to get you to the finish line
Author voice coaching
Ghostwriting services

Do you want to refuel your creative life? I offer creativity coaching and editorial mentorship:
Define your goals and priorities
Craft a realistic plan of action
Continual check-ins to ensure traction on your creative goals.
Work/ life/ CREATIVITY balance

Do you need brand strategy consultation? I can help:
Define or fine-tune your message and sense of vision
Brainstorm, plan and implement editorial schedules that enhance your brand or organization
–Align your brand with all of your design and communications, including sales collateral, website content and information architecture, social media campaigns and metrics-backed outreach
–Create and implement press outreach strategies tied to quarterly and annual goals
–Bring your organization’s stories to the public and show your mission in action through interviewing and profile services.
–Building your social media presence with authenticity and signature style

Do you want to define & live your quest? Ask about my Classes and Workshops:
Find out why the Quest paradigm can refuel your sense of purpose and direction
Connect to friends, colleagues and family members who share your Quest and enhance your sense of community and support.

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