A warm welcome to you. There is nothing a writer appreciates more than readers. So, thank you for being here and for reading my work. I mean it.

I’ve got a thing for revisions. Maybe because in rewriting or even just reconsidering deeply entrenched stories, classics or famous myths, I get to tap into a delectable premise. That I –and you–don’t have to take anyone’s word as final. That we can appreciate or disagree or heckle and most of all, safely talk back! And in this talking back we might engage a secret, tiny (ok, ant-like, but still!) free-will, door-kicking, sunglass-wearing, hair-let-loose, inner-agency that wants to bust out of our skin.

We need nuanced stories that smack of real life and let us breathe.


It started when I began reading biographies of Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman underneath my favorite pine-tree and my mom bought me “herstory” cards before I was even 10 years old. I never stopped wondering why I didn’t know more about more women like them?

After all, I was a girl in want of strong, complicated, and tender-hearted role models.

That’s why I write about ancient mythology and profile strong women.