Isle of Giants

by Daisy Nagy

Isle of Giants I

I found you wandering in that garden of ancients.
You rested briefly upon a great stone hand,
stopping to feel the kind ivy sleeping with it.
This was and still is a place of slumber.
I couldn’t hide from you for long, or your smile, soft as petals.
We sat on the stone together, running our hands through the patches of grass.
Dew drops glimmered on your curly hair.

Isle of Giants II

“You knew her, didn’t you?”
You nodded your love.
“Robins still sing of her.”
I could still hear the brook murmuring in the gentle noon warmth.
The wind came by and sat with us.
Briefly, as usual.

Isle of Giants III

The gems encircling us shone, all of them with different hues.
One shimmered the color of a sunset, another of the sea.
I wondered why you carried them around in a runed pouch.
You began to hum a melody foreign to me.
The island fell quiet.

Isle of Giants IV

The ivy listened.
The grass listened.
The brook listened.
The wind listened.

Isle of Giants V

It reminded me of being in a storm,
feeling the energy surge through my chest and my fingertips.
Raising the hair on my neck.

Isle of Giants VI

You sang,
And the island listened.

Isle of Giants VII

The robins joined in.

by Day Nagy
7 October 2016