Write with Kim

“I have worked with a number of editors across my own writing life, and Kim is–far and away–one of the top two in terms of expertise, ability to support and listen, and willingness to put out the extra effort that brings trust and an excellent outcome.”
Emma Lapsansky, Emeritus Professor of History at Haverford College.

“Kim is one of the brightest individuals who has edited my work. She skillfully brings out the best in my work and in the work of other writers. She is pleasant, patient, growth-inspiring, and direct.”
Gerri George, Fiction Writer

To find out more about how Kim can help you with coaching, writing projects or communication needs, contact: Kim Nagy

“Kim has shown remarkable creativity and talent as a writer, editor, and manager at the Wild River Review. Her writing is on display in Triple Goddess — incisive, thoughtful, distinctive, lovely prose style. As an editor, she shows excellent taste, judicious judgment, and she knows when to intervene in a piece and when to let the writer be her- or himself.  And as one of the guiding lights of Wild River Review, she has shown great organization, ability to prioritize a dumpsterload of tasks, and the ability to manage people and attract diverse and often difficult colleagues (i.e., writers) toward shared goals. I recommend her enthusiastically.”
John Timpane, Features Department, The Philadelphia Inquirer